Ohio Minority Supplier Diversity Council

Learn More About GovConectx, Working To Ensure Government Decision Makers Are Aware Businesses That Provide Latest Developments In Technology & Services

GovConectx has a mission to ensure government decision makers are aware of the latest developments in technology and services, as well as the businesses that provide them. In supporting this, GovConectx hosts and promotes a series of conferences, expositions and seminars.

By bringing small business GovCons together with: U.S., county and local agency representatives, OSDBUs; prime contractor small business liaison officers, SBLOs, and service providers; attorneys, bankers, accountants, etc. The events give buyer-decision makers an opportunity to be aware of the latest innovations and solutions in all types of technologies, supplies and services.

GovConectx is a valuable market research tool for the government agencies that we serve. At the same time, GovConectx provides an opportunity for businesses to get personal attention in successfully marketing their products, services and supplies to Defense and Civilian procurement representatives, primes, and acquisition personnel.

Learn more at the website – https://www.govconectx.com/home.html

Michigan MSDC COVID-19 Supplier Matchmaker – Buyers across the nation are in need of supplies to handle the COVID-19 Crisis

The Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council has been designed a business opportunity matchmaking portal to immediately assist corporations, government agencies, small businesses and entrepreneurs in order to accelerate the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Their site allows those interested in buying products OR services to input their needs and requirements in order to be matched with those that meet their specifications. In addition, those who are selling products OR services may share their capacity in order to be matched. 

Visit the site to learn more – https://minoritysupplier.lpages.co/covid-19/

SAP Ariba Discovery Available Free For Suppliers During Pandemic Until June 30th

During the ongoing coronavirus, or COVID-19 pandemic, SAP, the global leader in enterprise application management software has taken measured steps to enable shippers and suppliers hustle to respond to urgent fulfillment requests.

Last month, in response to the uncertainty of coronavirus, the company formally opened access to SAP Ariba Discovery, a business-to-business e-commerce offering designed to connect buyers and suppliers on a single network. Last month, SAP opened access to SAP Access Discovery to allow any buyer to post immediate sourcing needs and to enable any of the four million suppliers on the Ariba Network to respond with their ability to deliver the goods and services required. These services are currently available for free through June 30, with SAP noting this initiative is part of a larger commitment to maintain reliable and transparent supply chains in a time of such uncertainty.

Register for free until June 30th. Visit https://service.ariba.com/Discovery.aw/125034022/aw?awh=r&awssk=R1NwWSB2&dard=1&ancdc=1

Main Street Lending Program: Main Street New Loan Facility (MSNLF) and Main Street Expanded Loan Facility (MSELF)

The Federal Reserve established the Main Street Lending Program to enhance support for small and mid-sized businesses that were in good financial
standing before the crisis by offering 4-year loans to companies employing up to 10,000 workers or with revenues of less than $2.5 billion. Principal and
interest payments will be deferred for one year.

Eligible banks may originate new Main Street loans or use Main Street loans to increase the size of existing loans to businesses. Banks will retain a 5 percent share, selling the remaining 95 percent to the Main Street facility, which will purchase up to $600 billion of loans. Firms seeking Main Street loans must commit to make reasonable efforts to maintain payroll and retain workers. Borrowers must also follow compensation, stock repurchase, and dividend restrictions that apply to direct loan programs under the CARES Act. Firms that have taken advantage of the PPP may also take out Main Street loans.

The Federal Reserve and the Treasury recognize that businesses vary widely in their financing needs, particularly at this time, and, as the program is being finalized, will continue to seek input from lenders, borrowers, and other stakeholders to make sure the program supports the economy as effectively and efficiently as possible while also safeguarding taxpayer funds. Comments may be sent to the feedback form until April 16.

Main Street New Loan Facility (MSNLF): Term Sheet (April 9, 2020) (PDF)
Main Street Expanded Loan Facility (MSELF): Term Sheet (April 9, 2020) (PDF)

The Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation Establish The Red Backpack Fund To Alleviate Recovery For Female Entrepreneurs Impacted By COVID-19 Pandemic

Since its inception, Spanx and The Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation have been dedicated to elevating and supporting women through entrepreneurship. Knowing the ripple effect that empowering women can have to strengthen neighborhoods, cities and countries, The Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation donated $5 million to support female entrepreneurs in the wake of COVID-19 and teamed up with GlobalGiving to establish The Red Backpack Fund. GlobalGiving will be overseeing the fund, making 1,000 grants of $5,000 each to female entrepreneurs in the U.S. to help alleviate the immediate needs and support the long-term recovery of those impacted by this crisis.

In addition to the financial gift, each woman will also receive a “lucky” red backpack. Sara started Spanx with her “lucky” red backpack from college. It was with her every step of the way. The lucky red backpack is a symbol of starting small while dreaming big. It’s become the official icon of The Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation. It’s a wonderful reminder that everything you need to succeed is already on your back.

Thanks to MasterClass’s generous donation, all 1,000 women will also receive a free annual All-Access Pass to all 80+ MasterClass instructors, including Sara Blakely’s class on entrepreneurship, to provide mentorship to recipients during this time.

The first round of applications were open from April 6 at 12pm ET through April 12 at 11:59pm ET. Each month, we will accept additional applications. The portal will open for applications again on May 4, June 1, July 6, and August 3.

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