Ohio Minority Supplier Diversity Council

Ohio Kentucky Regional Council of Governments accepting Statement of Qualifications (SOC) for assistance with the management of OKI’s information technology system

The Ohio Kentucky Regional Council of Governments, 720 East Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati OH 45202 will accept Statement of Qualifications (SOC) for assistance with the management of OKI’s information technology system.  Interested parties should send their SOC’s marked “Information Technology Assistance – Statement of Qualifications” to the above address by 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 5, 2021.  The SOC’s will be publicly opened at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 6, 2021, via Zoom.  The Request for Qualifications document can be found at www.oki.org.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE TODAY: Virtual OhioHealth and Messer Construction Economic Inclusion Outreach Session April 14th @ 9 a.m.

Join OhioHealth and Messer Construction Co., as the project team shares details about the Pickerington Methodist Hospital Development and the Riverside BMT construction projects. During the Economic Inclusion Outreach Session, you will learn about the opportunities to bid on both projects, specifications & project requirements. See Bid Packages Information below.

NOTE: Only virtual registration is still available.

Event Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Event Time: (Virtual): 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Event Schedule: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM: Project Overview (In person & virtual)
How To Attend: You must register in advance by Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 to receive log-in details. 

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BMT Bid Packages

Bid Package #00. Bing Enabling
BC-01   Messer Self Performance

  • Demo
  • Concrete
  • General Requirements
  • Drywall and Acoustic
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Casework Installation (may also bid out)
  • D/F/H installation
  • Division 10 installation

BC-02   Electrical Demo Assist
BC-03   Plumbing & Piping Demo Assist
BC-04   Under Slab Plumbing Only 

Bid Package #1. Bing Fit out
BC-05   Casework Materials

BC-06  D/F/H Materials
BC-06   Toilet & Bath Accessories Materials
BC-07   Wall Protection Materials
BC-08   Cubicle Curtains
BC-09   Misc. Steel
BC-10   Firestopping
BC-11   Caulking
BC-12   Aluminum & Glass
BC-13   Electrified Door Openings
BC-14   Ceramic Tile
BC-15   Flooring
BC-16   Painting
BC-17   Fire Suppression
BC-18   Plumbing
BC-19   HVAC
BC-20   Electrical
BC-21   Communications
BC-22   Security (By KNS)
BC-23   Air & Water Balance
BC-24   Pneumatic Tube System
BC-25   Material Testing 

Bid Package #2. 6 Blue Enabling
BC-26   Messer Self Performance

  • Demo
  • Concrete
  • General Requirements
  • Drywall and Acoustic
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Casework Installation (may also bid out)
  • D/F/H installation
  • Division 10 installation

BC-27   Electrical Demo Assist
BC-28   Plumbing & Piping Demo Assist 

Bid Package #3. 6 Blue Fit out
BC-29   Casework Materials

BC-30  D/F/H Materials
BC-31   Toilet & Bath Accessories Materials
BC-32   Wall Protection Materials
BC-33   Cubicle Curtains
BC-34   Misc. Steel
BC-35   Firestopping
BC-36   Caulking
BC-37   Roof patching
BC-38   Aluminum & Glass
BC-39   Electrified Door Openings
BC-40   Ceramic Tile
BC-41   Flooring
BC-42   Painting
BC-43   Window Shades
BC-44   Fire Suppression
BC-45   Plumbing
BC-46   HVAC
BC-47   Electrical
BC-48   Communications
BC-49   Security (By KNS)
BC-50   Air & Water Balance
BC-51   Pneumatic Tube System
BC-52   Material Testing

Pickerington Bid Packages

Bid Package #00

BC-01   Messer Self Performance

·        Concrete

·        General Requirements

·        Drywall (may also bid out)

·        Casework Installation (may also bid out)

·        Division 10 installations (our normal stuff here)

Bid Package #1 Elevators

BC-01   Elevators

Bid Package #2 PreFab

BC-02   Prefabricated Units

Bid Package #3 Design Assist

BC-03   HVAC and Plumbing – Design Assist

BC-04   Fire Protection – Design Assist

BC-05   Electrical – Design Assist

BC-06   Pneumatic Tube – Design Assist

Bid Package #4 Deep Foundations

BC-07   Geo Piers

Bid Package #5 Site Utilities/Earthwork/Asphalt/Site Concrete and Landscaping

BC-08   Site Work (Earthwork and Site Utilities)

BC-09   Asphalt Paving

BC-10   Site Concrete (may self-perform but likely to bid out)

BC-11   Landscaping

BC-12   Site Furnishings

NOTE:  Stone Creek Drive widening will be separate and prevailing wage

NOTE:  Water Line will be separate and prevailing wage

Bid Package #6 Core and Shell

BC-12   Structural Steel

BC-13  Misc. Steel

BC-14  Roofing

BC-15   Exterior Framing and Sheathing (likely will include air and weather barrier here and not separately subcontract but might)

BC-16   Exterior Masonry (may decide to do design assist?)

BC-17   Metal Panels (may decide to do design assist?)

BC-18   Glass and Glazing (may decide to do design assist?)

BC-19  Fireproofing

NOTE: I don’t anticipate any waterproofing it will go in Messer’s concrete at SOG foundations

Bid Package #7 Fit Out

BC-20   Painting

BC-21   Interior Misc. Metals

BC-22   Casework and Millwork (material only with an alternate to add the installation should Messer decide to not do this work)

BC-23   Interior Aluminum

BC-24   Drywall and Interior Framing

BC-25   Acoustical Ceilings

BC-26   Flooring (resilient and carpet)

BC-27   Ceramic Tile

BC-28   Resinous Flooring

BC-29   Fire Stopping

BC-30   Air and Water Balancing

BC-31  Window Treatments

BC-32   Signage (this could be two packages interior and exterior?)

BC-33   Doors Frames and Hardware (material only)

BC-34   Door Frame and Hardware (installation only if Messer decides not to do this)

BC-35   Toilet Accessories (material only)

BC-36   Corner Guards and Wall protection (material only)

BC-37   Lockers

BC-38   Cubicle Curtains

BC-39   Division 10 specialty categories (i.e. marker boards, etc.)

BC-40   Toilet Partitions

5th Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit – Virtual Event May 11-13, 2021

A Future Forward virtual experience that brings together the current and future state of SMART, IoT, and AI manufacturing innovation with Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) to globally compete and prosper.

Now in its 5th year, the Atlanta MBDA Advanced Manufacturing Center’s Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2021 is for C-Suite, executives, managers, and entrepreneurs within the manufacturing and suppliers’ space.


Turner Construction hosting outreach event for the upcoming Columbus Metropolitan Library Gahanna Branch project on April 27th, 2021

Turner Construction will share information about upcoming construction projects and bid opportunities with Turner and Columbus Metropolitan Library.

By attending this event you will learn about project scopes, construction schedules and have the opportunity to network and form strategic alliances with CM, prime contractors, and diverse business enterprises.

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